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You can become a partner with me in accomplishing all that the Lord has committed into our hands to do!

As a partner, you activate a powerful spiritual principle in your life: the same blessings, rewards and anointing that is available to this ministry becomes available to you!

In Philippians 1, Paul explained how his partners "shared in the anointing" on his ministry. That's how partnership works. You supernaturally share in every reward and blessing that rests on that ministry. As you make good things happen for others through ministry partnership, God will make good things happen for you!

Partnership is a two-way relationship. URM will our part promise to uphold you in our prayers daily, to teach and preach the Word of God to our partners.

Your partnership with help us create an effect that will impact people and touch lives around the world. You are making a difference in our world by committing to help us as we share the Gospel. Your prayers and your financial support are vital to what God is doing in the earth today through Unveiling Roses Ministries.

Join Us as a Partner Today!

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