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Our Overseer!

Dr. Dawn Dixon is the overseer of Unveiling Roses Ministries. She is a Teacher, Preacher, Author, Entrepreneur, Christian Counselor and loving Mother of two.

She has a vision as a Minister of the Gospel to continuously share the Good News of Jesus Christ and all the Lord has done for us. She is constantly encouraging individuals there is hope beyond what they see naturally and a way to escape into the loving arms of our Father God who is continuously waiting for us to seek Him and have an intimate encounter on a daily basis.

She enjoys encouraging, educating and empowering people she meet to move forward in their journey by walking in God's original intent for their lives. She teaches Kingdom principles, simple communication with God through prayer and faith in God. She is a geniune person and a true worshipper, whereby she loves entering into the presence of God and communing with Him daily.

God has blessed her to accomplish the following endeavors: Doctorate of Philosophy (Christian Psychology/Pastoral Counseling; Masters (Criminal Justice); Bachelors Degree in Church Ministry/ Business Education and an Associates Degree in Christian Studies/Merchandising and Marketing. She is a certified reflexologist, certified criminal justice specialist, certified Effective Black Parent Trainer and Board Certified Christian Counselor.

Her mission and vision is to see the down trodden raised up through the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ and become living epistles for others to see and know that God is real today!

She is available for speaking engagements!

(Send an email with your request to or call 773-264-8487

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